Q: I have an idea but I am afraid you will get the concept from me
A: GIC is a circle of trust that fosters economic growth, entrepreneurship and new business development. As such we are more than happy to sign an NDA in order to proceed. To download the standard NDA please follow this link NDAdownload

Q: As an investor I would like my identity to remain confidential
A: GIC is a private concept and no names of investors are disclosed unless specifically asked to do so

Q: I have a great idea. How can you ensure you can get me funding?
A: GIC does not assure funding. GIC identifies great ideas and opportunities and after approving the projects, brings in direct contact the entrepreneurs / fund seekers with the investors. The idea is yours and the pitch is yours. If you manage to convince our committee, then you stand a fair chance of convincing the investors as well with our guidance

Q: How many committee members are involved in each project?
A: Most committee members have full time jobs or other occupations hence have limited time. To that end not all committee members deal with every project. The number varies greatly between only one and all members

Q: Why is the committee asking for a management seat / board seat?
A: this is examined in a case by case basis. The committee is fully aligned with the investors’ interest. As such the committee members need to ensure that the project that received the funding is executed in the most professional way. This will also benefit the new venture as all committee members are highly experienced